Q: What fees do you charge?

A: webuyanyhouse.com charges no fees whatsoever. No valuation fees, No selling fees, No listing fees, No HIPS frees

Q: Are there any hidden ‘catches’ I should know about?

A: No. It’s just good business for both of us. We save slightly on the price of your home, while you receive payment very quickly. We help each other out this way – because it suits us both.

Q: How fast can the sale be – from start to finish?

A: It is even possible to exchange on a property in 24 hours. Please call us for details. Remember, it is in our best interest for you to sell your house quickly.

Q: Which areas does webuyanyhouse.com cover?

A: We cover the whole of the UK.

Q: What kind of properties do you buy?

A: We purchase flats, houses and bungalows, leasehold or freehold, derelict, needing work or brand new.

Q: What’s the top price you will pay?

A: There’s no set limit. Usually our offer will be slightly under the retail market value but you gain the advantage of a fast, hassle-free sale.

Q: My property has development potential. Can I benefit from this?

A: Yes. We recognise that some properties are ideal for development – even though the seller isn’t in a position to manage this themselves. We can help by purchasing the property and agreeing with seller to pay them a share of the profits when the property is developed.

Q: I’m in no rush at all to sell my home – should I contact you?

A: Yes. Our service also suits someone wanting the certainty of a guaranteed sale. Some people like the idea of agreeing a sale with us – so they’re seen as ‘cash buyers’ and enjoy a stronger bargaining position when they start looking for a new home.

Q: Do you buy land or commercial property?

A: Yes. Buying land needs specialist knowledge of planning regulations and development costs … expertise that we’re able to provide.

Q: Is the condition of the property important?

A: Not at all. We’re interested in everything, from newly-decorated homes to properties with major problems. If repairs are needed, we can take care of them. It’s not a problem.

Q: Why do you refer to yourself as a cash buyer?

A: Because we have the funds – and we’re ready to proceed right away. We don’t need to delay the process by waiting for a mortgage company to approve the loan.

Q: I have a friend who may be interested in your service. Is it worth me telling them?

A: Yes, we pay 1% of the purchase price as a referral fee! We’ll pay you this ‘finder’s fee’ on the day of exchange.

Q: Do you carry out a structural survey?

A: Not usually, It would considerably delay the process – our valuers have a good enough idea. If we do decide to survey the property it would be one of our in-house, private surveyors and would take place within days. We don’t use bank surveyors.

Q: Will my estate agent mind me selling direct to you?

A: They won’t be overjoyed – because you’re saving the likely 2-3% plus VAT they would have charged in commission! You get that money instead – and it’s your right to sell direct. Please note that if you have already instructed an estate agent they may still try and claim a fee. Depending on the exact terms of any contract you have signed. Generally as long as you are not sole agency this will not apply. Even if you are sole agency then you can always cancel this arrangement.

Q: What do you mean “discounts to true market value”?

A: Estate agents have a tendency to have asking prices on properties far in excess as to what they are really worth. This is partly because people have an inflated view of the worth of their own home and partly because by giving a higher valuation they are more likely to get the business. At webuyanyhouse.com we calculate the true market valuation using actual comparable sales information and resources like the land registry. We then present this information to you in a full report on the property and it is for you alone to decide whether you want to sell it or not.

Q: I have received a valuation from you but what if I don’t want to sell today?

A: Keep us in mind for the future. We can offer a variety of purchase options including delaying the exchange and completion dates to suit your circumstances. Contact us and keep us on ‘stand by’!